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"Scent Transfer Unit"

Collecting scent evidence
does not destroy fingerprints

Using scent discriminating canines, scent evidence can give you:

  • Direction of travel from a crime scene
  • Direction to evidence left behind or hidden evidence
  • Direction to a concealed subject
  • The capability to establish probable cause
  • Provide positive identivication

Scent is - The forgotten evidence at each crime scene, ignored and frequently abandond by police and fire agencies around the world ever day.


The STU-100 is very user friendly and comes with a ten-minute training DVD. The unit comes in its own custom fitted case weighing a total of only 14 pounds. The STU-100 is very durable and compact for fieldwork and has it’s own charging system and 12V battery which operates the unit, or it can be plugged into any 12V system (vehicle, plane, boat etc.).

Scent evidence should be one of the first items collected at a crime scene and Investigators or Forensic personnel can make the STU-100 scent pads. The pads are then bagged, heat-sealed and protected in the same manner as all evidence. Scent is delicate and must be properly preserved.

Only your imagination and ingenuity limit the possibilities of using the STU-100.